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Global Leaders Forum, atlanta, 2015

Global Leaders Forum, atlanta, 2015

Founder of Mastermind New Zealand, Group Coaching session (Marshall Goldsmith Style)

Jen is a natural coach and one I would highly recommend. Working with Jen, I soon became aware of her breadth of knowledge, tenacity and ability to apply her wisdom directly to a given situation. Her easy-going manner makes it a pleasure to meet with Jen to discuss both professional and personal goals. I certainly found that she encouraged a shift in my perspective and the support to see those plans carried through.
— Helen F., Human Interface Technology, HitLab NZ

StartUp Weekend 2016, RedZoneBlack

Right from my initial meeting with Jennifer in mid 2014, when she approached me in my professional capacity as a mortgage adviser, I could see that she was one of those rare people whose passion, ambition, intelligence and zest for life shine so bright, while remaining so modest, truly compassionate and down to earth. Ever since, whenever I have had a project to manage, big or small, a concept to brainstorm, a professional template to draw up, or an obstacle to work through, I know that Jennifer is the person to contact. Not only does she inspire and motivate, she offers practical, sometimes startlingly simple solutions that can be implemented quickly in your business, and life as a whole.
— Megan Fraser, Mortgage Advisor, Mortgage Express

A Skype Session with Jordico, Switzerland

When I first met Jen she instantly struck me as a energetic, open-minded and straightforward person. In a lovely casual manner she manages to clearly point out some things that technically should be very obvious...I would say she helps you to see the tree for the forest and not the other way around. Conversations/meetings feel normally quite casual yet are still professional and never superficial and I always take valuable information away from it.
She clearly is able to help people make a difference in their lives!
— Josephine D., Masters of Commerce, UC New Zealand
Josie Dransfeld Lin Jan 2017.jpg
I highly recommend Jennifer as a motivated, dynamic professional who has the ability and skills to help people in business develop long term goals and strategies, motivate others to become successful in their endeavours and coach them on the “hidden” personal skills that we all want but find difficult to grow.
— Kerry O., Project Manager, Effectus Ltd.

My worksheets were translated into KHmer - Entrepreneur conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

ICF Australasia Branch Presidents

If you’d like to have on-fire discussion, don’t miss Jennifer, in simple words, Jennifer understands the “Essence” behind your need, and goes further steps ahead of what make you move forward. She won’t settle for less, she inspires you with co-creating options and views for significant change to approach what you want... From the heart.... Many thanks and love you Jennifer
— Ahmed Ageel, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

University of Canterbury, Centre for Entrepreneurship

Jennifer helped me to refine a clear business model and path of action for my home design firm. She’s positive and keeps things simple and action-oriented - I highly recommend exploring what Jennifer can do for anyone in either their personal or professional life!
— Guido L., Business Development Manager, Purity Homes, 2015

PMMM, Discussing Agile, Lean, Marketing, Psychology and User Experience ideas

My coaching sessions with Jen have resulted in me having some great insights into what I truly value in life. I have no hesitation in recommending Jen as a coach. She is so dedicated and will give 100% to assisting you to make the changes you want. I find Jen to be a great listener and motivator. She is very reliable and so easy to get along with. She builds an instant rapport with people and uses some great techniques to get people thinking deeply so that they can make the changes they desire.
— Helen M., Lead Mentoring Teacher
Jennifer made valuable contributions to the team structure. Every single team member valued her opinion and she always commanded the respect of people she dealt with, regardless of rank.
(She) also has a great sense of humour.
— Alfred S., Senior Project Manager, Australia
We have really enjoyed your company and companionship, your insight and your drive. You have kept us straight when we were going off track and brought a great deal of colour to our office.
— Richard W., Area Manager, BCITO
Even within the first conversation with Jennifer, I felt great relief and direction in speaking with her. She listened articulately and gave me action points to follow up with the next week. But the most important part of her mentoring is I really do feel like she cares - and she does that through her actions: by following up, fulfilling her promises and her constantly flexibility in her own personal life and schedule to make sure your success is achievable. Excited to see what’s next to come with her (and my!) work.
— Lee Rubin, Director, New York/Tel Aviv
I strongly recommend Jen and her coaching services. Why? Simply, because Jen was able make me accomplish things which I have postponed for weeks or for months. Because, she was able to create a situation and to generate a mind set in which I was eager to follow my plans, my ideas and made them true. Very quickly.
Her instant understanding and her fast grasping of what I meant was something which I really appreciated. She has a great intuition and an empathy and in the same time she is business savvy - she knows how, in the reality, business world works. These are her great assets. Analytic thinking associated with soft skills are what I found in her. She can be a great partner if you need a kick to realize your dreams.
— Lucia Trezova, Psychologist and Researcher, Czech Republic
As someone who is self-employed and self confessed idea-aholic who gets distracted whilst being distracted Jennifer is a vital part of my business team.

Coaching can be a difficult concept for people to accept that they need. If you are like me though, coaching is something that is of huge importance.

Jennifer quickly understands how you behave and is great at getting to the real reasons as to why you are doing something (or not doing something) by asking questions that create volumes of self awareness.

As a business consultant I am adept at spotting gaps in other peoples skill sets or businesses but it is not always easy to self diagnose. Having Jennifer apply that to me and my business is of immeasurable value.

The key benefit for me is that she helps me gain focus and clarity on what I should pursue that will keep my business on track. Having that and external accountability is huge for someone of my personality type.

I cannot overstate just how much value Jennifer provides. You will not regret having her on your team!
— Tim Jones, CEO of Sales Operative and B-Corp Ambassador

Professional Development Workshop, the George Hotel, New Zealand

Thanks so much for initiating, organising and facilitating this morning’s meet-up Jen. I have become so far removed from myself in the past few months, it was just what the doctor ordered. Am re-energised, re-focused and feeling inspired again. Thank you.
— Louise L., Content Strategist, New Zealand

Ha! My client's vision board is taller than me! (and some of it already came true)