Hi, I am Jen. Nice to meet you!

I help you to

  • make important decisions
  • have great ideas
  • recognize your true values
  • improve your influence on others
  • work smarter and
  • be super productive


Our world is changing. You get bombarded with information. You make up to 35,000 decisions every day.

Some decisions have a massive impact on how well you do in business and life. They have an impact on how you look, how you feel, who you hang out with or what standard of living you have.

The way you act at work and in your personal life affects everyone around you.

Our current education system doesn't help. You have been taught information, memorized names, formulas and dates - but not how to process it all.

With the newest research and simple + fast brain exercises, you will soon see what matters to you. Make the best decisions for yourself, your family or your company.

I serve people with one on one coaching via Skype and run group events for businesses, schools and organisations. All are designed to be fun and full of valuable hacks to help you in your daily challenges at work, life or in your relationship with others.

Whether you are 15 or 65, come along and learn how you can be creative and make the best decisions in the middle of changes and challenges.


Services - NZ towns & Cities - Tour 2017

More details? Ok. Read on...

Professional 1:1 coaching sessions for you via phone/skype.

From small projects to big life changes, I am trained to speak with you in a way that makes you think outside the box, pushes your comfort zone and lets you see opportunity where you thought there was none before.

I helped clients from 15 to 65 around the world - parents, teachers, executives and students with career change, company issues, work-life balance and much more.

Check out feedback from people I worked with or read more about coaching...

At Frau Coach it is all about creating fun, relaxed and welcoming atmospheres, and our workshop venues reflect this feeling.

You learn simple tools based on modern research in leadership, coaching, neuroscience, productivity and positive psychology. You will understand how you think, learn how you can be more productive and become a better leader for others and yourself.