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Nice to meet you!

My name is Jen and I help you to make your brain stronger. You will create ideas, sharpen your focus, resist stress better, connect stronger with others and find more time for the things you love.

Why is this important?

Our world has gotten busier than our brains can handle. Information is everywhere and we are constantly consuming it through our phones, radio, email, browsers and TV. Business owners face rapid changes in technology, recruitment, economy - even teenagers struggle to fit all commitments into their day.

If we don't know how to sort through the noise, we might feel overwhelmed. Some people get tired, depressed, experience brain fog and lack of balance. Some people start going out less, get sick more often, become negative or disengaged at work...

If you feel that you are busier than ever but you get less important things sorted, you might want to invest in my brain coaching.
I travel around New Zealand and deliver different programmes to strengthen you, your staff, your school or community.
The questions I ask are thought-provoking and my curated tools are based on the latest neuroscience research. All exercises are incredibly simple and efficient.


Frau Coach Services

Brains & Giggles is coming to your town - play games, meet others and explore your dreams. If you want to try it out, come for a fun session! 90 minutes, $29

If you want to learn about you, business, people and time skills, choose the full My Manual workshop. Schools and corporations love the fast brain hacks. 180 minutes, $99

If you are serious about a project, the 1:1 Change session is for you. Personal monthly check-ins, full transparency and course correction keep you accountable. 1 month, $345

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